Here we are in 2022 already, how time does fly! The last couple of years has seen a boom in growing and gardening as a result of lockdowns and COVID in the UK and this trend is looking to continue as more and more people understand the huge health benefits of spending time outdoors and the joy of growing your own vegetables, herbs, chillies and flowers from seed.


If you are new to growing your own food, and you don’t know where to start, then you’ve come to the right place to start growing in 2022. Start with this simple question, what do you like to eat? There’s no point in investing your time and effort into Purple Sprouting Broccoli if you can’t stand the stuff (although it is very good for you!). What do you like to cook with? Do you like to cook and eat with the changing seasons? This is one of the fantastic things about growing your own food, as nothing tastes nicer than a handful of fresh green peas from the pod or a cherry tomato warm and juicy, picked from a hanging basket.

Whatever you want to grow, next question is… How much space do you have? There are loads of veggies that are ‘perfect for pots’, including some varieties of carrots, leeks, beetroot, cabbage, celery and lots more! You don’t need lots of space to grow food. What kind of salad leaves do you prefer? There are lots of varieties that are very easy and quick to grow, and lots that can be grown in pots.

How many seeds do you need? If 1,000 carrot seeds seem a bit overwhelming, then try our ‘small packets’ with fewer seeds, designed specifically for the beginner, those who don’t want to grow loads, or those just looking to try a new variety or grow in pots and containers.

Small seed packets

What about starting off with herbs? These are really easy to grow from seed and there is nothing more satisfying than chopping a few herbs from pots outside your door or from your kitchen windowsill and adding these to a dish of your making.

In 2021 we introduced a few bulbs; onions, garlic, daffodils and tulips and sold lots of these at our farmers market events. We’ve extended this range by adding seed potatoes that are available now, the ever popular and reliable salad potato Charlotte and a maincrop Cara. Order these here now!


Do you have a warm inside spot like a conservatory? Sow your Chilli seeds now! We start ours around mid-Jan in heated propagaters that are perfect for chillies. My favourite variety in 2021 was the Hot Lemon. They looked stunning when ripening and changing colour and they were used fresh in homemade Thai style dishes (coupled with our Lemongrass and Thai Basil) and then pickled with the Jalapenos for colourful jars kept in the fridge.

In 2022 we plan to introduce a few new varieties of seeds and we’ll keep you updated on these as we put them on sale. Why not subscribe with us to receive regular emails and special subscriber only offers?

We are hoping to be able to attend lots of events this year; some old and new Farmers Markets from February and we’ll also be attending a couple of special events through the year. Like our Facebook page to keep up to date with events as this is where we post them, you can come along and meet us and talk about your growing plans.

We will keep you updated on our progress in the garden throughout the year so stay tuned to Seeds to Sow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Lots to do, let’s get sowing!