A new year, time for reflection and grand growing plans for 2020

For those of us that are already growers, we don’t really need any reason other than we really enjoy the process of sowing and growing and watching our gardens (and allotments) grow! If, however, you are new to growing your own food, and you don’t know where to start, then here are some hints and tips for getting growing in 2020.

Start with this simple question, what do you like to eat? There’s no point in investing your time and effort into Purple Sprouting Broccoli if you can’t stand the stuff (although it is very good for you!). What do you like to cook with? Do you like to cook and eat with the changing seasons? This is one of the fantastic things about growing your own food, as nothing tastes nicer than a handful of fresh green peas from the pod or a cherry tomato warm and juicy, picked from a hanging basket.

Cherry tomato 

Whatever you want to grow, next question is…

How much space do you have? There are loads of veggies that are ‘perfect for pots’, including some varieties of carrots, leeks, beetroot, cabbage, celery and lots more! You don’t need lots of space to grow food. What kind of salad leaves do you prefer? there are lots of varieties that are very easy and quick to grow, and lots that can be grown in pots.

How many seeds do you need? If 1,000 carrot seeds seem a bit overwhelming, then try our ‘small packets’ with fewer seeds, designed specifically for the beginner, those who don’t want to grow loads, or those just looking to try a new variety or grow in pots and containers. Small seed packets

What about starting off with herbs? These are really easy to grow from seed and there is nothing more satisfying that chopping a few herbs from pots outside your door or from your kitchen windowsill and adding these to a dish of your making.


Do you have a warm inside spot like a conservatory? These are perfect for chillies. My favourite variety in 2019 was the Bolivian Rainbow. They looked stunning with colour changing chillies and these little fiery ornamental chillies continue to liven up dishes in our house straight from the freezer where they are now stored.


In our 2019 blog, we said ‘There is nothing nicer than switching off from the world by going into your own garden or allotment at the end of a working day and immersing yourself in the simple pleasures of sowing seeds and hoeing weeds.’ This remains truer than ever, and in a world where we need ‘switch off’ time, the garden and allotment remain our sanctuary. The same can be said of those few pots outside the back door though, tending these and picking the fruits of your labour at harvest time is truly satisfying.

Grow your own

Reflecting on 2019, the last growing year provided lots of successes and a few challenges as every year does, the biggest issue in our garden being three months of solid rain and lots of flooded patches as a result. We know we’re not alone with this problem, reading all of your growing blogs and tweets. January so far has been dry and has finally given us the opportunity to get into the garden for a proper tidy up.

This allows the next fun part to begin, and that is in the planning! What will go where, where are we planting out our new seed varieties this year, what are we going to grow more of, or less of? Our plan is now drawn out and we’ll let you know about all of the new seed varieties very soon.

We will keep you updated on our progress in the garden throughout the year so stay tuned to Seeds to Sow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

We have lots of events that we will be taking part in this year; some old and NEW Farmers Markets from February and we’ll also be attending a couple of Flower Power Plant Fairs like last year. Like our Facebook page to keep up to date with events or why not go to our website now, www.seedstosow.co.uk, and start your 2020 plan?

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