Tumbling Tomato Flower

As I write this at the end of May 2021, the weather has yet to show any sign of warming up. And don’t our plants and gardens know about it! Here in West Yorkshire May has been exceptionally soggy and very cold and lots of things have struggled to grow. Ne’er cast a clout ‘til May is out has never rung quite so true as in this year.

Our chillies are growing well, but these are being pampered and kept snug inside the conservatory. I have taken a few to the unheated greenhouse and whilst they are surviving, they are not yet thriving and won’t without a good hike in the temperature.

Tomatoes are being hardened off by being put outside during the day, but back inside at night and bank holiday weekend is when they’ll go into final growing positions. Tumbling Toms Tumbling Tom Tomato flowersare already in hanging baskets in the greenhouse and are showing flowers.

Salad leaves, autumn sown spring onions and radish are all growing well and making it to our dinner plates, the cooler weather keeping the salad leaves and lettuces in good condition. Lettuce mixed has also been enjoyed by the slug and snail population, these have been a pain during the wet weather!

Our poor little pea plants were enjoyed by a hungry rabbit or mouse and so we have resown seeds direct to replace these. Our broad beans all have flowers and now need some support but are not as large as in previous growing years. We’ve also sown sweetcorn Sweetcorn plant

and squash into this bed, taking the three sisters approach and French beans and runner beans will all be sown direct in the coming week. We do this due to space more than anything, as French beans are easy to grow, and we just don’t have the room in the greenhouse to look after another tray of plants.

We replaced our raised beds in our garden earlier this year, doubling the size of them, and have filled one to the brim with cauliflower, cabbage, calabrese and sprouts, all netted against cabbage white butterflies which look beautiful floating around the garden but can lay eggs on every possible brassica leaf shown to them!

We’ve inter-sown our carrots with leeks again this year, this did seem to help with repelling pesky carrot fly last year so we are happy to stick with what works.

Courgette plants are being planted out this weekend too (last bank holiday weekend in May) as we have good strong plants ready after being sown early and hardened off well. We were a bit late sowing last year so have made up for it this year.

We hope all your seeds are doing well, we do love to see your photos and stories so please do tag us into your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook photos. We try and post ours as we go along when were not too busy posting out all of your seed orders!

There are still lots of jobs to do in the garden, lots to plant out, lots more seeds to sow, but now is the time to start enjoying the fruits of our labour too. Maybe with a bit of sunshine, we may even find time to put our feet up.

Happy sowing, love from Jo and Wendy 

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