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"Nothing beats the taste of your own home grown veg"

Grow your own

We are Jo and Wendy and we both work in the Seeds to Sow garden and love to grow our own vegetables and salad leaves, flowers, herbs, chillies and green manure from seed.

When we first started to sow seed and tend to a garden, we started in a small patio garden and we only had pots and containers to grow things in. We are now lucky enough to have a great big space to grow our own lovely veggies, herbs and flowers from seed, but you have to start somewhere, and our journey began several years ago with pots.

In the Seeds to Sow garden today, we have four lovely raised beds and are planning on having some more. We were inspired to use the space that had previously been a children's play area and was covered in weed matting and bark and used this space as our veggie growing area. Whilst we have these beds and more in our garden, we still use lots of pots and containers across the whole of the garden and encourage everyone to do the same.

Having a few containers near the kitchen door, brimming with salad leaves in summer, curly kale and a few spring onions in the autumn and an assortment of herbs all year round, is a great way to start sowing your own seed. Why not start with our Perfect for Pots range?

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