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Out of May and into June

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As we approach the end of May and move into June, we are reflecting back on a very busy month and looking forward to a fruitful June.

For Seeds to Sow, May has been exceptionally busy, a key time for seed sowing, market days, garden shows and for finding inspiration whilst looking after a garden during a very dry (and at times very hot!) month of May.

We’ve hosted a few market days and hopefully inspired some people to give a few of our seed varieties a try. Find out more on our facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/seedstosowltd

.Seeds to Sow Market Day

We’ve lent a helping hand at Autumn House nursing home, helping the service users there with our seeds sown into pots.We’ve been to Chelsea Flower Show and to Kew gardens and looked for inspiration around the fabulous gardens and plants there.

Seeds to Sow - Chelsea Radio 2 garden

We’ve helped toddlers sow their first sunflower seeds, and after all of that, sown our own seeds and looked after our garden.

Seeds to Sow Sunflowers

Our West Yorkshire seed sowings have included nearly all of the varieties that we sell, with many sown in pots to prove to everyone how easy this is; Beetroot, Cabbage, Peas, Radish, Spring Onions and Salad Leaves are amongst these. Our cucumbers, courgettes and squash, have all been hardened off and planted outdoors and hopefully the last risk of frost is now behind us here in Yorkshire.

Our plants that we put out last month; Black Tuscany Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbages, Calabrese and Broccoli are all growing strong, although we’ve had to do quite a lot of watering due to the unusual warm weather and lack of rain.

Seeds can still be sown now and into June to get crops of veggies this year. We have sown seeds direct outdoors without ever having sown any inside and still had a fantastic crop at the end of the season. All seed orders over £10 will be delivered with FREE postage, so why not take advantage of this offer and order a few packets to sow into pots?


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