To green manure or not to green manure, that is the question…

Deciding whether to use green manure, as far as we are concerned is an easy question to answer. If your soil is left bare for 6 weeks or more then it is definitely worth spending ½ hour sowing some green manure seeds to that soil then letting nature take its course.  There’s something very satisfying about using nature itself to put back depleted nutrients and organic matter back into your soil, helping to improve soil texture and structure and to suppress weeds. It almost makes you feel like a farmer or guardian of the land, using the unproductive fallow period of winter or an unused bed between crops in summer to improve your soil. Remember that good soil will help you grow healthier plants that are more disease-resistant, develop better root systems and tolerate extremes of weather better.

Instead of giving you more to do, investing a little time to improve the soil will soon save you time.

Our first experience of using green manures seeds was a few years ago when we went away travelling. We used a “General Mix” green manure which we planted in November and overwintered until the following May. It gave us great comfort, while we were away, knowing that our raised beds were not left empty and unprotected but that nature itself was working hard to get them in shape for when we returned. That following summer, we had a short but very productive vegetable growing season which must be partly attributable to green manuring. Since then we have been hooked and use green manure whenever our beds are left empty.

Deciding which green manure is best for your needs can be a minefield, we have therefore summarized the benefits and the green manures which are best for each benefit to help you make the right selection.

Guide to Green Manure

Our green manure range is available in 2 sizes, 50g and 100g. As a rough guide 50g of green manure seed covers 8 -20m2 depending on the variety.

Remember your soil will love you for it, wildlife thrives in it and weeds are deterred by it.