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- Collection Box - Annual Flower Seeds


Our Annual Flower Seed Collection of sunny yellow, warm orange and radiant red flowers will make your summer garden come vibrantly alive. The collection of Nasturtium, Calendula, Sunflower, Marigold and Zinnia will give you non-stop blooms all summer long. 

This collection also makes a great gift for someone as the seed packets come boxed in beautiful packaging including a gift tag to write your own message.

Full sowing and care instructions are featured on each seed packet within the collection box.

The varieties are detailed below and the links will take you to the individual seed packet detail for each variety.

Nasturtium - 'Jewel Mixed' comes in warm shades of red, orange and yellow and will grow almost anywhere. Nasturtiums can be used as edgings or at the front of a flower bed with other low-growing annuals and perennials. Allow plants to trail over walls or raised beds, and use them to add summertime colour to rock gardens. They also look beautiful in containers and window boxes.

Calendula - 'Indian Prince' is an easy to grow hardy annual which will grow in most soils. It produces prolific burnt orange petalled flowers which have a rich mahogany reverse and will look great in a border or as a cut flower. Indian Prince has a long flowering season and will last until the first frosts. 

Sunflower - 'Big Smile' is a dwarf compact sunflower that produces an early bloom of 4 to 5 golden yellow flower heads per plant. They are perfect for growing either in pots or in border where they will make a fantastic colourful display.

Marigold - 'French Durango Mixed' is a dwarf bushy marigold in a mix of warm and sunny colours, from hot oranges and reds to deep golden yellows. It is a low growing plant which will look great either in the front of a border, on the edge of a path or in a container. They have a long flowering season and are an excellent companion plant for the vegetable garden as they repel harmful insects but are highly attractive to bees and butterflies.

Zinnia - 'Persian Carpet' produces double and semi-double blooms of mahogany-red, orange and gold flowers. The blooms will be long-lasting in both the garden and as a cut flower, and will bring butterflies and bees into the sunny annual bed or patio container garden all season long. Zinnias are very easy to grow and require little attention once established. Persian Carpet Mix is cut-and-come-again, meaning that as soon as you cut or deadhead one bloom, another will grow in its place.

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