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- Collection Box - Summer Salad Seed Collection


Our 'Summer Salad Seed Collection' is a collection of 5 seed varieties which are easy to grow and will provide you with your own delicious home grown salad throughout the summer months. This collection also makes a great gift as an introduction to home vegetable growing or for someone who loves salad. The seed packets come boxed in beautiful packaging including a gift tag to write your own message.

Lettuce, Spring Onion, Cucumber, Radish and Rocket are all included in this collection and full sowing and care instructions are featured on each seed packet within the collection box.

The varieties are detailed below and the links will take you to the individual seed packet detail for each variety.

Lettuce - 'All year round' is a 'Butterhead' lettuce variety which has crisp, compact and creamy white hearts, surrounded by sweet and succulent textured green leaves. It can been sown from early spring to late summer and with adequate protection in colder weather can be harvested, as the name suggest, all year round. This heritage variety has been around since pre 1870 and is known as hardy and reliable and slow to bolt in dry hot weather.

Spring Onion - 'White Lisbon' is a popular heritage variety, with long white stems, a crisp texture and mild flavour. With a short growing time, these seeds are ideal for successional sowing and therefore great to grow in pots and containers giving you a continuous crop all summer long. Awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit in 1993 and reliable and easy to grow.

Cucumber - 'Burpless Tasty Green F1'  is one of the best varieties to grow outdoors and produces high quality fruits which have a tender skin with a sweet and crisp flesh. The plants climb to approx. 1.8m high and require a trellis or cane to give support. They are a very easy cucumber to grow and are perfect for pots or grow bags in a sunny position on the patio.

Radish - 'French Breakfast'  is a French heritage variety which has a long cylindrical shaped root of crimson red with a white tip. It is very quick to mature and has a lovely sweet mild flavour and crisp texture. It is great to grow in pots and containers and can be grown from early spring right through to autumn.

Rocket - 'Green Brigade' is a classic salad rocket, with gorgeous thin dark leaves which are slightly savoyed. The leaves are oval when young and become more indented and peppery in flavour as they mature. Rocket is one of the easiest salads to grow and is fast growing, reaching maturity in 21-28 days after germination. 

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