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Green Manure “General Mix” provides a mix of plants with bulky foliage that adds organic matter, with ones that have nitrogen fixing properties. It is a great all rounder which can be used to overwinter (helping prevent soil erosion and nutrient leaching and act as a weed suppressant) or as a short term green manure to add organic matter to your beds over the summer months.

It is therefore an excellent choice for those new to green manuring who are a little unsure which one to use.

The mix consists of Forage Rye (provides good ground cover, bulky foliage and deep roots that reduce nutrient leaching and help break up heavy soil), Minerva Maple Peas (produces lots of bulky foliage that helps improve the soil structure/texture by adding good organic matter, and has the ability to fix nitrogen and suppresses weeds) and English Early Common Vetch (excellent at fixing nitrogen in their root nodules). 

When to sow January to December.
Where to sow Suitable for most soil types, including heavy soils.
Soil preparation Remove weeds, digging over if it hasn't been recently cultivated and rake level.
How to sow Scatter seeds over the surface of the soil ensuring an even coverage.
Make sure the seed is in firm contact with the soil by gently tapping over the surface with the back of a spade.
Water in well.
Growing Period 2-6 months.
Care Cut down before flowering when the stems are nice and soft as they decompose quicker, retain more beneficial nutrients and are easier to incorporate into the soil.
Leave the plant material to decompose in the soil for at least 4 - 5 weeks before growing any vegetables in the soil. This allows the plant material to break down into rich organic atter, allowing nutrients to be released slowly over a period of time. 
Coverage 50gm covers 17 square metres (3gm per meter square).




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