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Our 'Perfect for Pots Collection' is a collection of 7 vegetable seed varieties in our small seed packet perfect to be grown in pots or containers.

Broad Bean - Sutton Dwarf, Leek - Swiss Giant Zermatt, Carrot - Red Chantenay 2, Pumpkin - Munchkin, Pea -Tom Thumb, Runner Bean - Hestia and Courgette - Atena are all included in this collection and full sowing and care instructions are featured on each small seed packet within the collection box. 

This collection makes a great gift for someone who may be starting to grow vegetables for the first time.

The varieties are detailed below and the links will take you to the individual seed packet detail.

Broad Bean - Sutton Dwarf A dwarf or bush variety which yields as well as most tall varieties which makes this perfect to grow in pots. It is both reliable and has great flavour and was awarded RHS Award of Garden Merit in 1993.

Leek - Swiss Giant Zermatt - an extremely versatile dual-purpose variety, which is great for both baby and full size leek production. This versatility means they are a great variety to grow in pots or containers, allowing you to harvest an early crop of baby leeks from August onwards, leaving room for full sized leeks to mature and harvest from September through to November. It is easy to grow, disease resistant, delicious and tender eaten both young and mature.

Carrot - Chantenay 2 Red Cored - Carrot Chantenay 2 Red Cored is a stump rooted variety which is perfectly suited for growing in pots or containers from early in the season and then successionally through to late summer. It has evenly shaped orange stump roots, that can be harvested for almost 5 month of the year, giving you a delicious sweet crisp carrot, one that children will love.  

Pumpkin - Jill Be Little is a miniature pumpkin which is deep orange with attractive deep ribbing perfect for Halloween decorating. The fruits grow to 200-250 grams and 10cm in diameter. Children will love these miniature novelty pumpkins and they are great to eat too, either cut up or roasted whole with olive oil.

Pea -Tom Thumb - is the best pea variety to grow in pots or containers, due to its compact and limited stature (20cm) and also because it is ready to harvest in 7 to 8 weeks from sowing (meaning that it can be successionally sown several times during the growing season). It produces pods of peas which are sweet, tender and tasty and the pods can also be harvested and eaten when young.

Runner Bean - Hestia - is perfect to grow in pots or containers, producing a heavy crop of string less, high quality and tasty beans. It produces attractive red and white flowers, on a compact bushy plant (to 45cm tall) that is easy to grow. Disease resistant and earlier to crop than standard types of runner bean, it is good to sow successionally allowing you to make the most of limited space.

Courgette - Atena F1 - is a hybrid variety that produces an early and heavy crop of bright golden - yellow fruits which have a crisp flesh with excellent sweet flavour. The compact plant makes it ideal to grow in a pot or container in a sunny sheltered spot, with its yellow flowers and fruit providing both interest and contrast to your patio or garden.

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