Seeds to Sow is born from our enthusiasm and experience of growing our own vegetables, flowers, herbs and chillies from seed. We source the best high quality seeds, lots are easy to grow, and provide them in resealable seed packets with growing instructions, for both the experienced and novice gardener.

All of the seeds that we sell, we have grown ourselves and many varieties we grow year on year in our garden. We have good experience of growing everything and are happy to recommend our favourites. Have a read of our blogs and see how we get on in our garden!

Our seed packages are supplied in either standard or small sizes from 55p, our small sizes being unique to the seed market and ‘perfect for pots ‘and for small garden spaces. Every seed packet has sowing and growing instructions, even our small packets.

Growing from seed is satisfying, and good value and we want to help you get the best results and see the many benefits of growing your own herbs, veg, chillies and flowers. 

So choose Seeds to Sow, and watch your garden grow! 

Did you know that we’ve designed our seed packets so that you don’t need to rip the top off and fold them? Our standard packets are resealable and show the variety name on the rear top, so if you want to be organised, you can store your seeds alphabetically.  Seed Packets

As well as the online store, Jo and Wendy regularly attend a number of Yorkshire based Farmers Market Events and Seasonal Markets so you meet them there and have a chat.

All events are advertised on our Facebook Page, so click here to find out more!