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Seeds to sow in October

Gift Range - Paper Pot Maker

A clever tool for making seed pots from newspaper. Its both fun and environmentally friendly helping to reduce the use of plastic flower pots. In no time at all you will be able to prepare a range of paper pots. When the time comes to plant the young seedlings outside,...

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Why Choose Seeds to Sow?

Seeds to Sow is born from our enthusiasm and experience of growing our own vegetables, flowers, herbs and green manure from seed. We provide high quality seeds, easy to grow, in resealable seed packets with easy instructions, for both the experienced and novice gardener. 

Growing from seed is satisfying, and good value and we want to help you get the best results and see the many benefits of growing your own. 

Why Choose Seeds to Sow?

All of the varieties that we sell, we love to grow (and eat!). We have designed our seed packets for use in the garden, with easy to follow instructions, size guides, to be resealable and many available in small sizes.

With prices from just 55p many of our small sized seed packets are part of our  'Perfect for Pots' range and are excellent for the novice, growing for the first time, or the experienced grower looking to try a new variety to best utilise their growing space.