Lettuce Lamb's Lettuce - Corn Salad Verte De Cambrai

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Lamb's Lettuce - Corn Salad 'Verte De Cambrai' is a French Heritage variety which is easy to grow and very cold hardy, and is therefore great for winter salads or as an alternative to spinach.

The compact plants have small decorative green leaves, with a mild sweet buttery flavour with a succulent texture.

When to sow Sow successionally from August to October.
Where to Sow Verte De Cambrai prefers rich moist, well cultivated soil in a sunny open site but will tolerate light shade in summer.
Sow seeds thinly in growing position either in a seed bad or a pot/container, 0.5cm (1/4in) deep in rows 23cm (9in) apart for single plants or 15cm (6in) apart for cut and come again leaves.
Early autumn sowings will benefit from frost protection with a cloche/fleece or by placing pot/container in a greenhouse.
What to do Next Gradually thin out seedlings to 15cm (6in) apart, using seedlings as baby leaves.
Water well, especially during periods of dry weather, and keep weed free.
Regular cropping of leaves encourages new growth. Cut ( with a knife) young leaves for salads, leaving the more mature leaves for cooking.
Harvest October to January.
Handy Tips Plants may run to seed in very warm and dry conditions, to prevent this avoid sowing during hot summer months and keep the plants well watered and sow successionally.
If left to run to seed in the spring they will self-seed and seedlings can be transplanted to a new site.
Companion Planting Can be grown in between slower growing vegetables, such as Brassicas, as a catch crop or as a row marker.
Nutritional Information A very good source of Vitamin A, C, B6, Iron (1/3 more than spinach), Phosphorus and Potassium.
Serving Suggestion The young mild leaves can be eaten raw in salads or the more mature leaves cooked like spinach.

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