Looking for seed and gardening gifts online? Look here, with gifts available for under £10

Seeds to Sow has a range of gardening gifts to suit every budget, including gifts under £10 and all items are easily posted. Why not treat the gardener or grower in your life to a gift that you know they will love?

Let’s start with seeds! Seeds are a perfect gift for a grower, whether they grow in a pot on a balcony or on a large allotment. All of our vegetable, herb, chilli and flower seed packets are available to order all year round.








If your looking for a lovely collection of seeds, all in a beautiful gift box, then look no further than our Seed Box collection. Ready made seed collections starting from just £9.95, each box comes with a gift tag already attached for your own personal message. Our ‘perfect for pots’ selection contains our small packets from just 55p.

Our most popular garden gift is the lovely little paper pot maker. Always a best seller at our market events, this lovely little tool helps any gardener make their own pots from newspaper and reduces the need for plastic pots. Easy to use, and a great task for a rainy afternoon when you can’t get outside, the pot maker is just £9.95 plus postage.

Paper pot maker

Labels are used in abundance in our garden, especially at seed sowing and potting on time and we have a range of seed and garden labels of all shapes and sizes (again, avoiding plastic) that gardeners and growers will use and love. We also have garden twists and dibbers, click here to find out more!

Garden Labels

We’re not forgetting garden wildlife in our gift range and our bee houses are popular every year. 

bee barn

Not forgetting the little ones in your life, we have our children’s seed collection box, and children’s gloves and tools.

Our other items this year include our fabulous UK produced Twool garden twine and gift set, and our 'Gifts in a Tin' great for both adults and children.

Build your own insect house

We have our usual cast iron gardening thermometers in different designs, and also in cast iron we have our spade and fork garden hooks, all essential items for a tidy shed or greenhouse.

Seed storage tin

Finally, we have the essential item that all seed growers need for their lovely collection of seed packets and that is the trusty seed storage tin!



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