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Winter mix for autumn sowing is a fast establishing, nitrogen fixing cover crop mixture, excellent for improving heavy soils overall structure and fertility. 

The mix consists of Rye (80%) and Vetch (20%). Rye is is a deep rooting cover crop which improves yield, while boosting the health and nutrient value of your soil. Ryegrass scavenges nitrogen and promotes nutrient cycling, which translates to greater yields. Vetch is a type of legume which fixes large amounts of nitrogen, protects soil from erosion, and provides weed control during its vigorous growth in the spring and when left as a dead mulch at the soil surface.

Supplied in a resealable package with sowing instructions on the back.

When to sow August to October.
Where to sow Suitable for most soil types, including heavy and sandy soils.
Soil preparation Remove weeds, digging over if it hasn't been recently cultivated and rake level.
How to sow Scatter seeds over the surface of the soil ensuring an even coverage.
Make sure the seed is in firm contact with the soil by gently tapping over the surface with the back of a spade.
Water in well.
Growing Period 3-6 months.
Care In spring before flowering or before you plant out your spring crops, chop foliage down to a fine mulch.
Thoroughly dig and turn over the soil burying all foliage and roots.
Rake level to plant your crop.
Coverage 5gm per meter square, 100gm covers 20 meter square.



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