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Greek Basil has a tight compact growing habit with dark miniature leaves. These small leaves are subtler and sweeter than its Italian relative and are excellent for garnishes and salad dressings. Its rounded growing habit make it perfect for growing in pots.

When to sow Sow indoors from late February, outdoors from late March to June.
Where to Sow Direct sow outside either thinly in rows or sparsely in pots.
Lightly cover seed with 1/2cm (1/4in) moist compost and keep moist, but do not overwater. 
Can be started off on your windowsill or propagator.
If sowing early in the season outside, protect from any late frost. 
What to do Next Make kitchen access easy by transplanting on into a large pot and keeping by your kitchen door.
If started in a pot or container transplant the complete pot rootball to avoid any root disturbance. 
Basil require little care once established, keep watered in dry spells and pick leaves from the plant as required.
  Basil plants do not like the cold therefore a warm sunny spot on a patio or windowsill is ideal.
Harvest May to October, when leaves are young.
Handy Tips Although basil grows best outdoors, it can be grown indoors in a pot and, like most herbs, will do best on a sunny windowsill. 
It should be kept away from cold drafts, and grows best in strong sunlight, therefore a greenhouse is ideal if available.
Companion Planting Basil repels the white fly and makes a good companion to tomatoes, both in the garden and in the kitchen.
Nutritional Information Basil is rich in vitamins A, K and C and also magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium. 
Serving Suggestion Great for pesto, good for salads and salad dressings, or in Mediterranean tomato based dishes and sauces.

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