Fennel 'Sweet Florence'

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Fennel 'Sweet Florence' is a traditional variety which produces large, white, bulb-like stems with a sweet flavour somewhere between aniseed and celery.

This attractive vegetable has tall stems and feathery green foliage which can also be eaten as a herb. 

When to sow April to July
Where to sow Sow seeds direct in moist, fertile soil, thinly along rows 2cm (3/4in) deep and 30cm (12in) between the rows.
What to do next Thin seedlings as soon as large enough to handle to 30cm (12in) apart. 
Water well until plants are established. 
As the swollen stems start to develop, gradually build earth up around them to preserve the whiteness and flavour.
Harvest Bulbs ready from September and October, Leaves can be used from July.
Handy Tips Fennel does not like root disturbance so should not be transplanted. 
Requires consistent moisture levels to prevent bolting. 
Add a general fertiliser once or twice a season.
Companion Planting Plant fennel next to dill, cucumber, and nasturtium.
Nutritional Information Rich in antioxidant and vitamin C as well as a good source of fibre.
Serving Suggestion Chopped raw in salads, braised as a vegetable or added to delicious winter casseroles.


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