Garlic Chives

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Garlic chives have the same great mild onion flavour as chives but with a distinctive garlic scent and taste, so if you like chives and garlic you will love garlic chives.

The small white pompom flowers are also edible and are loved by bees and butterflies so they make a great addition to your vegetable patch. The leaves are best harvested young, and you can cut just what you need and the plant will regrow.

Garlic Chives are ideal herbs to plant in a container, which can be in your garden or on a windowsill.

When to sow Sow indoors March to May, sow directly outdoors from May to August.
Where to Sow Sow seeds indoors  0.5cm (¼ in) deep, in pots or trays of compost and lightly cover the seeds with a sprinkling of compost , and place at a temperature of 15-20°C.
Sow outdoors where they are to crop, 0.5cm (¼in) deep, directly into finely-prepared soil.
Keep soil moist at all times.
What to do Next Seeds sown direct outside should be thinned out to 15cm (6in) apart once the seedlings are large enough to handle. 
If transplanting outside gradually harden off for 7 to 10 days before planting out 15cm (6in) apart once all risk of frost has passed. 
Garlic Chives are the ideal herbs to plant in a container, which can be in your garden or on a windowsill.
Water in dry spells otherwise the leaves will turn yellow and die
Harvest Start to harvest after 90 days from sowing, then harvest May to October.
Handy Tips Garlic Chives are a perennial herb, and will keep their leaves in most winters. In colder winters, the leaves may die back completely, but their roots are still alive and new growth should appear in spring.
When harvesting cut near the base of the greenery, not the chive tips, to encourage new tender shoots to emerge. 
Companion Planting Grow with carrots, peppers, potatoes, brassicas and tomatoes.
Nutritional Information Garlic Chives are a good source of vitamins A and C, and are also said to stimulate the appetite and strengthen the stomach. 
Serving Suggestion Garlic Chives goes well with cheese, eggs and are a great addition to salads and sauces.

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