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Borage is a hardy annual herb (also known as the Starflower) and has an exceptional reputation for attracting bees and is therefore invaluable in the vegetable garden. It will happily self seed and grows well in partial and sheltered sunshine in UK gardens.

When to sow Can be sown under glass from March but best sown direct outdoors from April.
Where to sow Direct sow outside either thinly in rows or sparsely in pots.
Lightly cover seed with 1cm moist compost and keep moist, but do not overwater. 
If sown in pots, plant out the whole pot as Borage does not like root disturbance. For direct sown seeds, thin out seedlings to 15cm spacing.
What to do next Water any plants growing in containers, plants in the ground will usually be OK. 
  Cut down in Autumn and compost.
Harvest Cucumber tasting leaves and beautiful blue flowers for drinks!
Handy Tips The herb borage can get powdery mildew later in summer. This is usually when the plants have largely finished flowering, so simply pull up these plants and compost.
May need supporting to prevent flopping over.
Companion Planting All vegetables on the allotment!
Nutritional Information Medicinal note: Borage herb is recognised as a source of calcium and potassium and is recommended for bronchial, lung and chest disorders. However you should always check with your doctor before using herbs for medicinal purposes.
Serving Suggestion Harvest flowers for immediate use in salads or drinks.

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