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Comfrey is the organic growers best friend and although this perennial herb cannot be eaten (it can be harmful) you can use it to feed other plants in your vegetable garden. It can also be used as a compost activator to help breakdown other compost materials or as a slow release mulch.

Happy in the sun or shade, it's a long-lived plant that's a wonder of nature. It's rich in potassium, so good for feeding flowers and fruit, and contains phosphorus and nitrogen. Once you've made your liquid feed it'll be higher in general nutrients than manure!

Comfrey can be very invasive and the roots spread easily. If you want to limit the plant's spread, it's often best to grow it in a container or raised garden bed instead of the ground.

When to sow Can be sown under glass from Feb to April but best sown direct outdoors from April to June.
Direct sow outside either thinly in rows or sparsely in pots.
Lightly cover seed with 1cm moist compost and keep moist, but do not overwater. 
For direct sown seeds, thin out seedlings to 30cm spacing.
What to do next Water any plants growing in containers, plants in the ground will usually be OK. 
Harvest June to August
Handy Tips Caution:  Comfrey is harmful if eaten. Contact with the foliage may irritate the skin and eyes. Use gloves when harvesting.
The leaves can be steeped in water to make 'comfrey tea', which is an excellent liquid food for flowers and vegetables.
Companion Planting Growing comfrey close to your vegetables, allowing it to flower will attract many pollinating insects.

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