Cornflower - Red Boy

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A hardy and eye-catching cottage garden annual, Cornflower Red Boy produces an abundance of double bright red flowers on tall plants. Easy to grow, like most cornflowers and tolerant of poor soil types. 

When to sow March - April and September - October. 
Where to sow In early autumn surface-sow in trays of good seed compost and over-winter in a cold frame or greenhouse, thinning out and potting on as they grow. These can be planted out in spring and produce early flowers. Alternatively, shallow-sow directly into a well-prepared seedbed in spring, thinning out to 15cm. 
What to do next Water well until established
Once the cornflower have finished flowering, leave a few plants to die down and self seed. Others can be pulled up and composted.
This plant will produce more flowers when grown in poor soils, so don’t over-fertilise. Pinching out the growing tips will encourage bushier growth.
Flowering period May to July

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