Broccoli Raab (Cima Di Rapa)

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Broccoli Raab have Broccoli 'like' tender shoots, produced on dwarf plants which have a very long growing season. Easy and fast to grow (ready in just 60 days) Raab can be a good substitute to ordinary Broccoli, however it is a great vegetable in its own right and used extensively in both Chinese and Italian cuisine.

When to sow Sow February to May and then again August to October (early and late sowings may benefit from being under cloche protection). June and July sowings can be made but the plants are more likely to bolt. Fertile, moisture retentive soil preferred.
Where to Sow Sow thinly in pre-watered rows 1.5cm (1/2in) deep and 30cm (12in) between each row. Plants will germinate in 7 to 14 days.
What to do Next Thin out seedlings to 25cm (10in) apart and transplant seedlings to fill gaps. Water well, until plants are well established. Plants will be ready to harvest in approx. 60 days.
Harvest Harvest plants before buds open, at a height of 25 to 38 cm (10 to 15 in).
Handy Tips Regular sowings every 2 to 3 weeks will ensure a continuous supply from May through to October. If harvested carefully the plant will often resprout several times giving a second or third harvest.  To achieve this, cut the plants where the stem tissue ceases to be tough and becomes succulent. 
Companion Planting Tomato, cucumber, onion, lettuce, chard, celery, bush bean, potato, beet, carrot, and spinach.
Nutritional Information Calcium, potassium, iron, and vitamins K, C, and A. Rich with antioxidants.
Serving Suggestion Cook Broccoli Raab like you would sprouting broccoli - sautéed, boiled or steamed. 



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