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A total of 15 different varieties in one great collection!

Our 'Grow the Rainbow Seed Collection' is a collection of 5 'mixed' seed varieties that are the colours of the rainbow when grown. This collection makes a great gift as a colourful introduction to home vegetable growing.

Carrots, Beetroot, French Beans, Chard, and Radish are all included in this collection and full sowing and care instructions are featured on each seed packet within the collection box.

The varieties are detailed below and the links will take you to the individual seed packet detail for each variety.

Carrot Mixed - This is a stunning and unusual mixture of orange, red, yellow and purple shades of carrots which children and adults will love to grow and eat. The mix contains Red Samurai (a red skinned Japanese bred carrot with distinctive bright red skin and pink inner flesh), Purple Haze ( a very sweet carrot with a purple outer skin and orange core) and Rainbow which is an F1 hybrid variety which has a diverse range of skin and core colours (orange/ yellow). 

Beetroot - Rainbow Mix - all with a striking colour, which when served together will give a fun rainbow display whether in a salad or roasted vegetable dish. Beetroot Boltardy is a deep red colour, Chioggia has pink and white concentric rings, Golden has attractive globe shaped orange-yellow roots that turn golden yellow when cooked and Albina Ice is a truly white beetroot which does not bleed when cut. 

French Bean Dwarf - Rainbow Mix - is a mixture of dwarf French bean varieties in purple, yellow and green. Purple Teepee has superb flavoured round purple pods, Hildora has bright yellow tender pods and Tendergreen has virtually stringless green beans.

Swiss Chard - 'Bright Lights'- is a stunning variety which will brighten up any garden with its mixture of green and bronze leaves and stems of gold, pink, orange, purple, red, and white (with bright and pastel variations). It will provide all year round colour to your garden whether in the vegetable plot, flower bed or in pots and containers on the patio.

Radish - Rainbow Mix - This is a mixture of red, violet, pink, white and yellow skinned radishes which will look stunning served together in a salad. They are easy and quick to grow, perfect to grow in pots and containers.

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