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Our 'Herb Seed Collection' is a collection of 5 herb seed varieties which are easy to grow and have a large range of culinary uses.

The varieties are detailed below and the links will take you to the individual seed packet detail for each.

Basil - 'Sweet Genovese'is a variety of sweet basil from Italy (origins in India). This popular variety is used often as it is less likely to become bitter after slow periods of cooking and also less likely to bolt. Genovese makes great tasting Pesto from its large, aromatic bright green 'taste of summer' leaves.

Chives are a perennial member of the onion family and have a mild onion flavour which goes well with cheese, eggs and in creamy sauces. They have beautiful pink-mauve pom pom like flowers (which are also edible) that attract bees and other pollinating insects.

Coriander - 'Calypso'is a an excellent leaf variety which has been specifically British bred and is extremely slow to bolt. This quick growing herb can be cut and harvested up to 4 times and its fragrant leaves go well in curries, soups and salads. Grow in pots by the back door and you will be able to harvest this delicious herb whenever you need.

Mint is very easy to grow and this aromatic herb plant has a multitude of culinary uses, ranging from mint sauce as accompaniment to roasted lamb, as a garnish for summer drinks or served sweet with chocolate.This vigorous perennial is best planted in a pot or container, to control its spread, making it perfect to grow outside your back door or on a patio.

Parsley -'Plain Leaved'has an intense flavour which is stronger than the curled varieties. It is therefore a popular herb to use as a garnish for fish and meat dishes or to flavour casseroles and soups as part of a bouquet garni.


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