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Lovage is a perennial herb with many uses, with a celery like taste to the leaves. The roots can also be eaten, but as this is a perennial it is generally grown for its leaves, which make a refreshing tea when dried. 

When to sow Can be sown under glass from March but best sown direct outdoors from April.
Where to sow Direct sow outside either thinly in rows or sparsely in pots.
Plant out well rooted plants into the garden in late spring or early summer.
What to do sext Plant in rich, deep, moist soil in sun or partial shade.
Harvest Use the leaves when young and tender, or dry leaves to make tasty herbal teas. Roots can be dug out in Autumn.
Handy Tips Lovage will self seed so weed out any new seedlings to prevent these plants from smothering any others around it.

Trim in summer to encourage new shoots.
Plants start to die back in autumn. At this time, cut stems back to just above ground level. Plants can then be divided in the spring.
Companion Planting Plant with other herbs like parsley, or with other perennial vegetables like asparagus and rhubarb.
Nutritional Information Medicinal note: Teas of the leaf and stalk were common and used for sore throats and tonsil problems, rheumatism/arthritis, jaundice, and for digestion. However you should always check with your doctor before using herbs for medicinal purposes.
Serving Suggestion Young leaves are perfect for adding to salads, soups and stews or as part of a bouquet garni.

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