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A very popular variety and probably the best salad potato around.

Produces high yields of tasty, long oval, pale yellow tubers which store well, are great eaten either hot or cold. They are easily grown in pots, containers and potato grow bags.

A second early variety with high blight and scab resistance.

Supplied in 3 weight options 0.5kg, 1kg and 1.5kg with a minimum of 6 tubers per 0.5kg. 

All our tubers are produced in Scotland and are certified by DEFRA as reaching the high quality standards required to be classified as 'Certified Seed Potatoes'.

Chit (which basically means allowing your spuds to sprout!) your potato tubers in a cool, light place from January onwards approximately 6 weeks before planting out.
Once your seed potatoes have 3 growing eyes (sprouting shoots) plant out from late March to early May. Protect foliage from frosts with a fleece.
If using a potato grow bag, fill the grow bag with 15-20cm of vegetable growing compost and place 3 tubers per bag. Cover potato seeds with 5-10cm of compost. Place the bag in full or partial sun and water regularly.
Once the leaves starts to grow, keep topping up the compost to cover the green foliage and repeat this process every few weeks until the soil has reached the top of the grow bag.
Harvest when the foliage has died down or from July to September (approximately 4 months after they were planted out).


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