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Rhubarb 'Victoria' is is one of the largest, most productive and easiest Rhubarbs to raise from seed and can be harvested in one year after sowing.

A hardy perennial (and technically classed a vegetable!) Victoria is popular as a forcing type of Rhubarb and produces medium sized green stalks and greenish-red coloured leaves (leaves cannot be eaten!). 

First recorded in 1837 in England it can grow 18-24″ tall and is regarded as the best cooking rhubarb. 

When to Sow February to April
Soak seeds for an hour before sowing. Sow seeds 0.5 cm deep into moist compost filled pots and keep pots at 15-25c for germination. 
Where to Sow / What to do next Sow into pots and grow on in a cool, frost free greenhouse or coldframe keeping the compost moist.
Once plants outgrow pots, pot on into larger pots avoiding root disturbance.

Harden off for 7 to 10 days before planting into final growing positions in July, Rhubarb is shade tolerant but does like sun.

Keep well watered until established. Once established Rhubarb needs little care and should provide good crops year after year.

Harvest May to July of the following year

Don't cut rhubarb stalks, gently pull them from the plant and remove and compost the leaves.

Handy Tips Rhubarb stalks are at their best when young and tender as they can go woody or stringy when left to grow too large.
In winter, cover plants with a forcing pot to encourage early tender stalks ahead of a new growing season.
Remove and compost any old leaves as Rhubarb is pulled. Whilst dormant in winter, crowns can be split and grown on in new pots.
Companion Planting Good companion: Most other veg.
Bad companion: None, but remember Rhubarb can grow large/tall and cause shade to nearby companion plants.
Nutritional Information Rich in antioxidants, vitamin K, and fibre.
Serving Suggestion Young stalks can be chopped and heated and softened with sugar for a beautiful sweet and tarte compote or a good old fashioned Rhubarb crumble!




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