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Curly or Curled Cress is a type of Garden Cress which is fast growing and has a tangy, peppery flavour. It is nutritious and tasty accompaniment for use in all sorts of foods from salads and sandwiches to soups.

It is the classic accompaniment to egg sandwiches and can be grown indoors all year round. As it is fast growing ( ready to harvest in 6 -8 days) it's a great way to get kids into growing and using their imagination to come up with novelty ways of growing it.

When to sow Indoors January to December.
Where to Sow Curled Cress can be grown indoors in soil or on a paper towel or cotton wool.
Fill a potting tray or container with soil, damp paper towel or cotton wool and sprinkle over the seeds.
Place the container or tray in a sunny indoor location, such as on a window sill.
What to do Next Water the container or tray gently with a water sprayer on a regular basis to keep the soil or the paper towels moist. 
Harvest January to December.
Begin harvesting the sprouts when they are 2-3 inches tall, cutting them off with scissors.
Handy Tips Garden cress is a cut-and-come-again crop and you should be able to cut your cress four to five times before it goes to seed.
Nutritional Information Good source of Vitamins K, C and A.
Serving Suggestion Use in salads, sandwiches and soups. Classic accompaniment to egg cress sandwiches. Chop it and sprinkle on hummus and other dips for a burst of peppery heat!

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