Swede Marian

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Swede Marian is a reliable, easy to grow and hardy cropper, which is purple topped with yellowy flesh and a great flavour and texture. It has good resistance to club root and mildew and crops over a long period of time meaning that you should be able to enjoy these roots from early autumn right through until the new year.

When to Sow April to June.
Where to Sow Sow in well-prepared, firm seedbed which has been lightly raked.
Sow thinly direct outdoors into shallow drills 2cm (3/4in) deep and 37cm (15in) between the rows.
What to do Next As soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle thin out in stages until the remaining plants are 23cm ( 9in) apart.
Keep weed free and water well, ensuring the soil does not become dry as this may impede their growth.
Harvest October to December.
Handy Tips Don't rush to sow too early as the seedlings may be prone to mildew.
You can leave them in the soil and harvest as required until spring, however if the ground becomes frozen it may be difficult to get them out of the ground therefore store indoors from December onwards for later use.
Companion Planting Likes: beans, chamomile, celery, coriander, cucumber, dill, marigold, lettuce, mint, nasturtiums, onions, oregano, peas, tomatoes.
Dislikes: strawberries.
Nutritional Information A very good source of pro-vitamin A, vitamins B and C.
Serving Suggestion Swedes are a staple for autumn and winter cooking, used in soups, casseroles and as an accompaniment to your favourite roast meat either mashed or roasted. 




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