Sweet Pepper Long Red Marconi

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Sweet Pepper Long Red Marconi or 'Marconi Rosso' is an Italian Variety which produces slender long fruits which have a sweet and mild flesh.  The fruits of this productive variety turn from green to red on maturity.

These peppers can be grown outside, so long as they are in a sheltered sunny area, but best results are usually obtained when they are grown in a polytunnel or a greenhouse.

When to Sow Sow indoors February to April.
Where to Sow Sow seeds 0.5cm (1/4in) deep, in modules or trays filled with moist compost and place in a warm light position such as a south facing windowsill or where temperature is 18–21°C (65 to 70°F).
Water so that the compost is moist but not soggy.
What to do Next When the seedlings are about 15cm (6in) high, transplant to their final growing positions planting 40cm (16in) apart if in a bed or 2 to 3 plants per large pot/container.
Best crops will be achieved in a greenhouse, but smaller, later crops can be produced when grown in a sunny sheltered location outdoors.
Support your plants as the fruit develops and keep well watered.
Harvest July to October.
Handy Tips During hot periods, you will need to water regularly - dry compost will lead to a check in plant growth and reduced yields.
After the first flowers appear, feed every one or two weeks with a half-strength liquid tomato feed.
Harvest the peppers off the plant any time after they are fully developed but do not leave them on for too long, as delaying after the pepper is ready for harvest will result in a decline of further yields.
Companion Planting Good Companions: Tomatoes, geraniums, and, petunias.
Bad Companions: Avoid beans, kale, cabbage, and brussels sprouts.
Nutritional Information High in Vitamin C and K.
Serving Suggestion Perfect for all cooking uses from salads, to stir-fries, grilling, stuffing and using in stews and casseroles.



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