Wildflower - Red Campion

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Red Campion is a plant that will grow well in full sun but is normally associated with areas of semi-shade such as woodland edges and clearings, hedgerows and orchards.

Red Campion has beautiful bright rose-pink flowers which will look great in the garden or as a cut flower. They are loved by bees and butterflies too and flower for a long period if dead headed.

When to Sow March to May and August to October. 
Where to Sow Sow direct outdoors in flowering position in a well prepared, weed free bed.
Water the area prior to sowing.
How to Sow Sow by hand, distributing the seeds evenly over the area. 
If you want a more orderly display, sow seeds in rows of straight lines or, curves for a more natural effect.
What to do Next Water well until established.
Deadhead regularly to encourage more flowers.
Flowering period May to November.


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